Elders used to say, “I can’t make you do right, but I can make it hard for you to do wrong.” Boxing in people isn’t your typical fight, but neither is the fight to receive a voice, recognition, and sorely needed funding. And it’s doubly-true for small and micro-businesses in urban areas. One way to be counted is to complete the census before midnight tonight.

These are the benefits of completing the census as a small business:

  • Census data: Provide the basis for distributing grants for economic development and inform business decisions, such as local business expansion. Create projections of growth and help you identify prime locations to open new operations or shut old ones.
  • State, local and federal government officials will use 2020 Census statistics to determine how to allocate and spend billions of dollars annually for critical public services, including hospitals, schools, roads and bridges, which in turn will generate opportunities for private sector businesses.
  • Responses could lead to more jobs and new businesses in a community. Businesses use population statistics to help decide where to add jobs or open new stores, offices or other businesses in communities across the country.

If what they say is correct and true, then one way of receiving every last benefit is to let them know you exist. It’s also a way of holding the government to its word. You can complete the form online: https://2020census.gov/en.html.